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XXI century

A hard relief, a very hard relief, isolation, the intensive farming of the pastures, modification of the landscape, cabins, cows, seasonal migration; these are the keys of the Pasiego’s life.

It is easy to realise when we are in the land of the Pasiego people. Their characteristic typology of stone cabins, and the particular separation of the fields by means of stone walls are the most relevant signs of the surroundings, a small area of Cantabria and Burgos in Spain.

Isolation has shaped the physiognomy of the Pasiego people too, blue eyes, white complexion, short height, pointed face, thin.

Their whole life centres on the cows and the grass. looking after the fields, gathering the grass for winter, feeding the cows, the seasonal migration in search of pastures for the cows.

The hard relief is the source of traditional ways of working and living, unthinkable in the modern societies around them.

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